Container Unloading and Stripping Services

Container unloading is a challenging job because of the hefty lifting and constant moving required.

Look no further than All Modes Transportation and Logistics, if you’re seeking a dependable firm to provide efficient container unloading or stripping services. Depending on your unloading requirements, you can choose the entire package or specific services. 

Have us by your side and think done!

Warehouse container loading and unloading

Our facilities and personnel are equipped to unload that container quickly, safely, and professionally, with no hassle or complications. Since our founding, we have mastered all elements of loading and unloading containers at a warehouse, and we can put our experience and knowledge to work for you.


What we offer:

We pledge to provide the best customer service possible from our talented, and background-checked employees. Our container stripping and unloading services include:

    • Blocking and bracing
    • Completing the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Certificate following SOLAS
    • Flat racks
    • Forklifts with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 60,000 pounds for heavy lifting and machinery transfers.
    • High cube
    • Wood linings
    • Live loads
    • Open top
    • Preparing a container loading plan
    • Professional and dependable cargo handling.
    • Standards for 10′, 20′, and 40′ containers

    Cost of unloading a container


    It’s impossible to give a broad estimate of the total cost of unloading. This is because various factors might influence the final price of the process. However, unloading a single 40-foot container with two SKUs would cost $130. But, if you expand the number of SKUs beyond 70, which is far more time-consuming and challenging to labor on, the price per container would rise by $150 to $280 per container.

    When unloading significant commodities, the labor takes longer, and the freight unloaders must occasionally work in groups to carry the cases and set them on a pallet. Also, if the lumpers are required to move pallets using a forklift a premium of at least $30-$40 per container is charged. Therefore, unloading a truck becomes more complex, and the cost of lumping services rises.


    What are lumper or freight unloading services?

    Businesses are always searching for an efficient and cost-effective 3rd party freight unloading service. A lumper service is when the shipper or receiver hires third-party workers to assist in loading or unloading the freight from the trailer.

     Lumper services are beneficial for everyone involved in the supply chain. It allows drivers to rest and leave more quickly. Lumper also helps the shipper and recipient reduce loading times and improve customer relations.


    We provide reliable lumper service in the US and Canada Nationwide

    We have grown to over thousands of employees all over the US and Canada, destuffing tens of thousands of containers each year.



    All Modes Transport is offering its services all over the US, intending to use its knowledge of container stuffing and destuffing to build meaningful relationships with our clients. Our team provides dedicated support precisely tailored for each of our clients in USA.



    With a commitment to treating each customer as a true partner, we provide the highest level of container stripping service in Canada. Our team upholds integrity, continually goes above and beyond to surpass our customers’ expectations, and delivers on all of our commitments to all the clients in Canada.


    Why choose us?

    We recognize that there are concerns about outsourcing supply chain workers. Our professional lumpers are dedicated to providing excellent container destuffing service. Our employees undergo a thorough selection procedure to ensure that we supply you with the best people for whatever task you may have.

    We have the technical capacity to capture real-time data and complete reporting capabilities to help our clients make informed decisions. Our flexible pricing is based on productivity and production.

    Outsourcing your work to us enables you to save money on fringe expenses while also avoiding risk and liability.

    Contact our team for assistance with your unloading from the ground up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the average time it takes to unload a container?

    It varies based on the type of goods we are unloading. If you ask us to unload a container of palletized items, we can do so much faster than if you ask us to unload a 40-foot high cube container with 2,500 cartons.

    What sizes of containers do you work with?

    Almost all sizes of containers are available, but we mostly unload containers of 20 ft. and 40 ft.

    When the unloading is completed, do you take away the empty container, or do I get to keep it?

    After our staff has unloaded the container, the driver will inspect it to ensure it is clean—that is, there is no debris inside—before closing the doors and transporting the empty container away.

    Is unloading a container difficult?

    Unloading a shipping container is simple if you have the required room, labor, and a few other essential pieces of equipment.

    What documents do I need to give to help with the unloading?

    If you’re a business customer your supplier will typically provide you with a commercial invoice and packing list. If you’re a private customer, your removal business should have provided you with a packing list or inventory. Those documents must be sent to us.

    Michael and his Team have been a responsive partner in the current turbulent. Air Freight world. I would highly recommend his team.
    Nicholas Sionni

    Mike came to FedEx from the Ltl Trucking world and immediately eliminated redundant systems, combined truck and air freight capacities and saved FedEx over $3.2 million in one year. These results speak for themselves.
    James Fash