Dedicated Trucking Services

For decades, All Modes Transport has actively worked to provide not only reliable but also economical and highly customizable dedicated trucking services. We are happy to serve as a devoted freight carrier and partner for companies like yours for many generations.

Your company will benefit from our industry-leading quality and reliability. With our genuinely personalized, dedicated solution, our team will work side by side with you to help you strengthen the most crucial elements of your network.

Dedicated Freight for Your Unique Needs

Our dedicated freight services are available throughout China, United States and Canada, irrespective of where your cargo is headed or where you’re seeking it. Our team has the experience and resources to design a dedicated transportation solution according to your needs.

Our perfect blend of customizable options, exceptional customer service, and tracking technology ensures that your products arrive at their destinations exactly when you need them to. These services were established to give you constant access to transparent data about your cargo, including pickup times, arrival times, and more.

Shipping large fragile items

Do you need assistance packing and transporting a valuable asset?

Our licensed packing professionals are trained to handle your valuables, sentimental items, or high-value belongings.

To ensure that your devices are packed precisely into custom-made containers built to their specifications, we use high-quality materials, innovative technology, and a staff of experienced shipping specialists. Allow us to handle all aspects of creating, packing, and shipping your valuable antiques.


Sensitive electronics

 We are aware of the dangers that sensitive electronics face during freight delivery. Our professionals assess the electronics requirements and create unique floating decks, anti-static and moisture barrier packing, and a custom-secured container. Daily, we pack and ship computers, servers, copy machines, telephone systems, and sensitive medical and scientific lab equipment.


Fine art 

For years, our experts have been providing art shipping services to galleries, collectors, dealers, artists, and exhibitions worldwide to assist them. We’ve handled everything from paintings, prints, framed artwork, and sculptures to complete collections being shipped to the other side of the globe. Our team of experts secures your priceless valuables every step of the way, from specialized art crating to final delivery.



Our specialized services will ensure that your antiques are packed, palletized, crated, or packaged and sent safely to any location worldwide. Whether you’re shipping a statue, a grandfather clock, or a colonial desk, we take great care in getting it there. Our experts are familiar with your valuable antiques’ packaging and shipping needs.


Reliable time sensitive shipments-When and where you need It delivered 

We have years of experience, enabling them to manage any time-sensitive shipping concerns. We offer various shipment options so our customers can select what suits them the most.

Overnight trucking: We have built a network of overnight trucking services with local, regional, and cross-country drivers, ready 24/7/365, regardless of where your package is heading. This level of service is suitable for circumstances where you need to swiftly and efficiently resolve any previous shipment interruptions.

Same-day trucking: Our same-day shipping is available for those occasions when the success of a venture or agreement depends on getting your product to a client or branch office before the end of the day. Having a dedicated vehicle for your shipment speeds up delivery times and decreases the risk of your product being damaged or lost. Many of our staff members are skilled expeditors who will personally oversee your time-sensitive deliveries to ensure they arrive on time.

Our logistics staff will ensure that you have nothing to worry about by delivering regular, consistent updates throughout the procedure. All Modes Transportation and Logistics offer inexpensive, tiered pricing structures for all of our dedicated trucking service to meet their customers’ demands and budget.


Dedicated trucking company for lowest price and best service 

There is no alternative to valuable experience when it comes to dedicated transportation. Our services were established to give you constant access to precise information about your shipment, including pickup times, arrival times, and more. Our team will assist you with every step to provide you with the most fast, efficient, and cost-effective transportation available.


Here are some good reasons to choose us 

We take a unique approach to your situation, creating a scenario analysis that gives you freedom and cost management while growing your company over time.

Extensive knowledge of the industry 

Our dedicated staff has the experience and resources to design a dedicated transportation solution suitable for your trucking needs.

Dedicated Customer Service 

Our customer care works as an extension of your company. You’ll get access to an expert committed to your success 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Highly-trained drivers

Our trucks and drivers provide prompt, dependable service, and you can trust that your items will be delivered according to your particular instructions.


 Compared to the extravagant service we provide, our charges are inexpensive. All of this is done to make our clients happy and satisfied at a reasonable price.

Simple management process 

Untangling deeply rooted networks and outdated processes can be a challenging endeavor. Our dedicated management team collaborates with your company to ensure a smooth transition to your new dedicated solution.


How Easy It Is to Work with Us 

    • You contact our team and tell us what you’re sending, where you want it picked up, and where you want it delivered.
    • Depending on your requirements, we’ll match your shipment with the appropriate sprinter van or small/large straight truck, all to lower your expenses.
    • You will avail of our exclusive service, meaning your cargo will be the only one on board. This, too, increases efficiency by drastically reducing the number of delivery stops.
    • Our highly qualified and professional drivers will arrive at your place and safely load and handle your freight with the utmost care and attention to detail.
    • As an extensive transporter, we can handle both less-than-truck-load and full truckloads anywhere in the United States and Canada.
    • You can relax and avoid your worries, knowing that your shipping needs are being met.


Easy online tracking

Our advanced fleet truck tracking solutions are based on the most up-to-date and accurate GPS satellite tracking technology, allowing you to trace your shipment around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When your vehicle crosses predetermined city boundaries, you’ll be notified.

Over speeding, rough driving and many other warning alerts are available in our system. We have mastered tracking, allowing our customers to maximize driver productivity and streamline operations.


Our Service Areas

We provide dedicated trucking services throughout the United States, Canada and China. We have the tools to assist you with same-day shipping, overnight shipping, and urgent freight needs no matter where you are.

Outsourcing your responsibilities to a dependable and efficient firm like ours could be the best answer for all clients in the USA and Canada.


Dedicated trucking options

All Modes Transportation and Logistics recognize that your requirements are distinct and one-of-a-kind, so we provide dedicated transport options that may be tailored to your changing business needs.

  • Air Ride
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Truckload (48 ft. or 53 ft.)
  • Van

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your queries about dedicated trucking or any other questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dedicated transportation/trucking?

It’s a change from the standard transportation approach, which emphasizes point-to-point delivery. Dedicated transportation concentrates on the time, resources, technology, drivers, and materials needed to provide excellent service to your primary customers.

What is the cost of your dedicated services?

Our dedicated operations are usually very cost-effective, save you time and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best. If you need a dedicated trucking service, we have a rate tailored to your needs.

How does technology play a role in your dedicated transportation?

Our customers benefit from a comprehensive technology package that includes routing and optimization software, GPS visibility, and the utilization of onboard cameras.

What areas do you offer your services in?

Our services are available at local, regional, and national levels throughout the United States and Canada.

What if something goes wrong with my belongings?

The drivers are cautious with your belongings. However, if something is damaged, we collaborate with the teams to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Michael and his Team have been a responsive partner in the current turbulent. Air Freight world. I would highly recommend his team.
Nicholas Sionni

Mike came to FedEx from the Ltl Trucking world and immediately eliminated redundant systems, combined truck and air freight capacities and saved FedEx over $3.2 million in one year. These results speak for themselves.
James Fash