Full Truck Load Services

Certain businesses have regular trucking requirements, while others have seasonal freight requirements. That’s why, our full truck load transport services are designed to efficiently satisfy both the regular and seasonal transportation needs of our customers.

As a transportation services expert, we evaluate your company’s demands to choose the most cost-effective carrier to meet your shipping deadline. We have the solutions for you; no matter how big your organization is or how much freight you need to move, we are always available to help.

Our FTL freight usually is between 100 and 10,000 pounds in weight, so companies of any size can connect with us and access our broad carrier base and tailored capacity solutions.

At All Modes Transport and Logistics, our experts will arrange FTL transportation for your package and will be by your side every step of the way with a dedicated team of professionals.

We are financially sound and dependable, ready to assist you with all of your shipping requirements.

Ship with a firm you can entirely rely on.

Meaning of Full Truckload (FTL)?

A whole truckload, or FTL, is a shipping method in which a single vehicle is responsible for transporting only one dedicated product in a single shipment from one location to another. To put it another way, the travel is only for one shipment making transit times faster and more expensive.

FTL is typically used for shipments that require a complete truckload, such as a Class 8 tractor. With FTL, your freight is the only freight transported on a truck, giving you exclusive use of the truck and the potential to fill the truckload. Whether you fill it or not, you have full access to the truck’s capacity.

Premium full truckload carriers 

We work with thousands of truck partners around the country. We take care of your FTL logistics needs in addition to the many shipments and delivery alternatives we offer. You may rest assured that we will take care of your transportation needs, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

We recognize the importance of our client’s needs. We will take care of them by providing appropriate and essential equipment for efficient handling, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance for your precious freight movement. Customers can use the All Modes Transport and Logistics freight exchange platform to get the following services:


1. Dry van trailers 

Our dry van trailers are closed, sealed, and lockable boxes designed to safely and securely transport a wide range of freight. This shields your cargo from the weather elements and thieves. Our dry van capacity covers many industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas, automotive, building materials, paper and packaging, and many more.


2. Refrigerated trailers 

Our refrigerated trailers, also known as “reefers,” are temperature-controlled and designed to transport temperature-sensitive or perishable items and are critical for daily shipping necessities.


3. Intermodal shipping

Our intermodal shipping handles special standardized containers without moving them from one vehicle to the next on their voyage.

Our intermodal shipping has several advantages: leaner planning processes, fixed departure schedules, and higher service quality standards.


4. Flatbed shipping 

Our flatbed shipping is ideal for transporting large loads that will not be harmed by inclement weather or rough roads. The unique bed design of our flatbeds is appropriate for cargo that would be too big for an enclosed body truck.


5. Container shipping 

Our container shipping is genuinely convenient and cost-effective when delivering goods. The least amount of weight we can transport is a massive one ton, regardless of the type of cargo, making it highly adaptable and versatile in delivering items throughout the globe.


6. Cross-border shipping 

When transporting items from one country to another, we provide excellent cross-border delivery. We assist you in extending your consumer base in a flexible and timely manner.


7. Specialized cargo

With our specialized cargo freight, we take care of commodities that are huge in size, weight, or dimensions and require special handling during transit. We safely and efficiently transport your specialized freight and equipment.


FTL brokerage services: Ship your cargo anywhere with confidence 

We provide the most dependable and flexible inland trucking services to our customers. All Modes Transport and Logistics, a reputable freight forwarder with offices in USA, China, Canada, and several other countries, understands the importance of tailoring our services to your budget!

Our team of expert brokers is sincerely committed to providing services that meet your needs and budget. Put your mind at ease knowing that your freight is in good hands, and start moving your truckload freight shipments now.



Are you looking for a trustworthy customs broker who can quickly ship freight across the border in Canada? We are a truckload broker with links to Canada’s leading motor carriers and truck drivers. Our team connects freight to the best, most dependable owner-operators for cargo going to or from Canada.



For many years, we have been functioning in China. We’ve developed solid experience and a network that allows us to provide the best inland trucking services on the market. We cover any pier, airport, port, or destination within the country.


Any region globally

We offer inexpensive and dependable full truckload (FTL) freight shipping services in practically every region. Our experienced freight logistics advisors track your shipment from start to finish, treating it as their own.


Why choose us? 

We take care of your FTL logistics needs in addition to the many shipments and delivery alternatives we offer. You’ll get the seamless FTL shipping coverage you deserve in either circumstance. Customers can use our freight exchange platform to get the following services:



We are a global network with thousands of trucks and drivers at our disposal. Our truck drivers are always available, no matter how many shipments or how big they are.



We leverage our built-in technologies to make trucks more visible in the market across several lanes. Additionally, we cover the cost of fuel for completing deliveries across the country.


Decades of experience 

With thousands of monthly FTL trips on our network, we have extensive network implementation and scheduling knowledge.



We provide contracts adapted to our customers’ needs, such as same-day delivery contracts, next-day delivery contracts, and forward contracts to lock in protracted freight prices.



We provide fiercely competitive rates for optimum truck matching, ensuring the allocation of high-quality trucks at lower rates.


Unmatched precision 

To assure the shipment’s safety, we use verified trucks and drivers. Our team of experts guarantee “zero-damage and loss” policies as well as on-time truck bookings, deployments, and shipments.


Various delivery options 

Depending on your needs, we offer convenient delivery options so you can receive your goods when and where you want.


Digital service and support 

We have a tracking system to track all GPS and non-GPS-enabled trucks every time they move. Our team provides dedicated customer care that responds to clients’ inquiries and concerns by SMS and email throughout the day.


24/7 Operations 

We provide round-the-clock services, including rapid delivery, end-to-end supply chain consultancy, and management, to ensure we can offer practical solutions to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your driver's license and insurance up to date?

Yes, all of the drivers have official driver’s licenses and are covered by insurance. They must also obtain a certificate and undergo a TSA background security check.

When it snows, do you still deliver freight?

Yes, even if it’s snowing, we can deliver freight. Our trucks are all fitted with traction devices, which allow us to make deliveries even when the weather changes.

What factors do shippers consider when deciding whether to ship LTL or truckload?

Shippers who have enough freight that can fill a full trailer on their own without anyone else are called “full truck loads.” FTL is used when the pickup or delivery times of shipments aren’t flexible. LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is for individuals who don’t have enough freight to warrant a full trailer for their shipment alone and those who have flexible loading and delivery periods.

You can select a shipping option that meets your deadlines, price, and specifications based on your freight demands.

What happens if my shipment is more in amount than a full truckload (FTL)?

It is not a problem for us. If your shipment is more than a full truckload, then our team will arrange a second vehicle to finish the job for you.

What is the maximum weight that a fully loaded truck can transport?

The average weight a truck driver is comfortable moving is between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds. While the answer to this question varies greatly depending on the carrier picked, the average weight that a truck driver can comfortably haul ranges between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds. On the other hand, Dry vehicles can transport up to 45,000 pounds.

Before scheduling a cargo, inquire about the trailer’s weight capacity to ensure that the freight will not exceed that limit

What if my cargo isn't ready when the driver arrives?

 Our drivers have busy schedules; therefore, we always have our pickup times confirmed, which will help ensure that there are no additional fees for a driver’s waiting time.

What is the average time it takes to empty a trailer?

Unloading a fully loaded standard 53′ trailer with palletized and single-stacked freight takes about 30 minutes. It can take up to an hour if the pallets are double stacked. Depending on the weight, quantity, and ease of handling, freight that is not palletized and loosely packed can take 3–4 hours to unload.

Michael and his Team have been a responsive partner in the current turbulent. Air Freight world. I would highly recommend his team.
Nicholas Sionni

Mike came to FedEx from the Ltl Trucking world and immediately eliminated redundant systems, combined truck and air freight capacities and saved FedEx over $3.2 million in one year. These results speak for themselves.
James Fash