Every business aspires to build a solid customer-client relationship. Loyalty programmes, discounts, exceptional customer service, and high-quality goods can all contribute to a consumer’s perception of trustworthiness and dependability. While there are a variety of methods for attracting clients’ attention, there is one that increases the chances of a sale: same-day delivery. While it appears that same-day delivery will become the norm for customers, small businesses should be aware that same-day delivery can keep current clients and attract new ones. Similarly, not all possibilities must be held for large corporations.

Sellers on all marketplaces must meet these rapidly changing customer expectations by offering fast, free shipping – or risk losing business. Following a bad delivery experience, 38% of customers say they’ll never buy from an online seller again.

Especially, the hyperactive growth of eCommerce shipping in a last couple of years has raised the bars higher: two-, one-, and even same-day shipping have become the norm.

If, on the other hand, you provide a positive client experience from order placement to delivery (and, if necessary, refunds), you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Customers will be more likely to buy from you again if you provide them with a good experience.
  • They’ll tell their friends and networks about the fantastic experience, resulting in new business opportunities.
  • Sales and revenue will rise.

Customers will abandon their shopping carts in greater numbers. And there’s a lot more…

Fast and free shipping has several advantages.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of providing speedy, low-cost (or even free!) shipping for your online store or marketplace.

Boost conversions and decrease cart abandonment.

Shipping and handling expenses are cited as the key factor for 44 per cent of online shoppers abandoning their carts. Due to excessively sluggish shipment, 24% of consumers have cancelled an order. Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions by providing your consumers with the rapid and free shipping they expect. Same-day delivery boosts productivity and gives an online business an 85 per cent competitive advantage. Companies that offer same-day delivery can quadruple their conversion rates and see significant year-over-year revenue improvements. Furthermore, consumers’ growing preference for same-day delivery means that businesses that fail to meet these expectations will see a drop in conversions and sales.

Customer happiness and loyalty should be improved.

73 per cent of internet customers anticipate low-cost, quick delivery. They’ll come back for more — and tell their friends if you meet their expectations. Free delivery offerings can also be included as part of a loyalty program me, which is how e commerce has grown to over 100 million members — and redefined online shipping norms.

Increase the value of the average order

When you provide free shipping with a minimum purchase requirement (for example, free shipping on all orders over $50), many customers may add more items to their cart to meet the requirement. According to a 2015 research by com Score and UPS, 52 per cent of American buyers have added additional items to their shopping cart to achieve a minimum purchase requirement.

Customers will pay a premium for same-day delivery

One of the driving forces behind consumers’ growing preference for same-day delivery is cost. As a result, if same-day delivery is available for free, 72 per cent of online customers will take advantage of it. Furthermore, if a merchant does not offer same-day delivery, more than 25% of customers will cancel their orders or abandon their carts. Surprisingly, 41% of internet customers are willing to pay a higher price for same-day delivery. It is worth mentioning, however, that 56 per cent of millennials demand same-day delivery at no additional expense. Customers also demand high-quality parcel delivery services, with 57% of shoppers saying they will purchase elsewhere if the delivery person is unprofessional

The search for speedier delivery solutions continues.

There is a tremendous impact when a delivery promise is broken. When delivery times are too slow, 85 per cent of customers look for better options elsewhere. One of the top two reasons for shopping cart abandonment is that delivery times are too slow.

Fast shipment, on the other hand, contributes to greater conversion rates. Sixty-eight per cent of customers agree that speedy shipment encourages them to shop online. This means that a single day of additional delivery time might make or break a purchase.

Methods of fulfillment

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for fulfillment; varied methods match different firms’ demands. Here are a few options for businesses that want to offer free and fast shipping on many marketplaces and shopping carts.


Some retailers prefer to fill orders from their warehouses. Order fulfillment in-house gives you complete control over your packing and shipping operations, which may be both a benefit and a drawback. When processing orders in-house and relying on big providers directly, offering same-day (or even two-day) shipping can be unreliable and costly. When completing orders in-house, it can be challenging to achieve multiple marketplaces’ fast shipping.

Logistics provided by a third party (3PL)

Working with a third-party logistics provider, commonly known as a 3PL, allows you to fulfill orders faster than you could on your own. You deliver your merchandise to the 3PL’s warehouses, and they make sure it arrives on time to fulfil a shipping deadline. You can also divide your inventory throughout several locations, bringing it closer to your end customer and lowering the cost of two- and next-day shipments. Consider the following advantages of order fulfillment services:

  • Reduce your shipping fees.
  • Flexibility in seasonal and sales fluctuations.  
  • Growing in new markets assists you in reaching a larger audience.
  • Eliminate unnecessary operating expenses.
  • Concentrate on expanding your company and core competencies.
  • Improve your customer service skills.
  • Make your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Reorganizing order fulfillment with technology.

From defining your products to printing labels to the final step, fulfillment solutions cover the entire process of delivering your goods. Order fulfillment companies are largely responsible for fulfilling orders and storing your products on your behalf. To expedite the entire fulfilment process, they combine their software with an eCommerce business. When they get an order, they follow a specific format. They pick, pack, and prepare the product for tracking shipments after that.

Factors to think about when planning a general order fulfillment strategy.

When merchants initially start out, they must consider a variety of factors to ensure smooth order fulfillment. Why? It’s because examining aspects not only helps your company expand, but it also helps you save money on operating expenses. So, what are the major determinants?

  • Order Volume
  • Technology
  • Location

Strategy for same-day delivery.

If retailers and brands want to stay relevant they’ll need to develop an Omni channel fulfillment strategy that allows them to provide same-day delivery at a reasonable price. Businesses must develop their logistics networks to move items closer to customers and optimize the last mile.

Businesses must think about how they will meet today’s consumer demands—how they will stand out in a crowded market. Because same-day delivery isn’t just a nice-to-have any longer. It’s an absolute must-have.

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