COVID-19 resulted in a 16% increase in global online sales. And in some countries, such as the United States, sales increased by more than 32% from the previous year. Retail experts believe that the shift from in-store to online buying will continue, which means that if you can provide people with what they want, you’ll have more opportunities to develop your brand. And they want it delivered the same day. 80% of customers want same-day delivery, and 61% want it even faster, with a delivery time of one to three hours from the moment they place their purchase.

To compete with e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, 85% of firms want to offer same-day delivery to their clients. However, without some freight’s merchants to assist cover delivery costs, company owners are concerned about how they will be able to add the resources required to provide same-day delivery at a price that customers would accept.

How much does same-day shipping cost?

The cost of shipping with these two carriers will vary depending on the weight of the shipment, the dimensional weight of the box, the number of zones it will cross, and some other factors. In the end, offering same-day delivery as a small or medium-sized ecommerce firm is difficult. Large ecommerce retailers have their distribution networks, making it difficult for smaller businesses to compete.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that most customers don’t demand same-day delivery from small and medium-sized ecommerce merchants; they want it from the well-known and trustworthy freights shipping and targets of the world.

The magic number for most customers was 3-5 days (the sooner, the better, of course). You can achieve same-day fulfillment and deliver your product to clients in only 1-3 days with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like us.

When it comes to delivery, what’s the difference between same-day and next-day?

Next-day delivery, often known as one-day delivery, refers to when a product is delivered the very same day it is provided to a courier. Same day delivery, on the other hand, means that merchandise will be delivered within 24 hours. Next-day delivery is more cost-effective and flexible, while still providing prompt service to customers.

What are the business challenges of same day shipping?

There are three major difficulties in providing same day shipping:

Managing logistics is difficult.

It might be difficult to process orders, package them, and get them out the door for delivery, especially when you don’t know how many orders you’ll receive each day. And once you get the orders, planning your delivery routes so that you can get things to clients when they expect them takes a long time.

The expense of delivery might quickly add up.

The additional resources required to complete and deliver orders with such a short lead time pile up and reduce your profit margins. You could include the additional charges in your delivery fees. Customers indicate they are prepared to pay more for convenience, especially when it comes to groceries, apparel, gadgets, and personal care, but they are frequently dissatisfied with the price. High charges were indicated by 59% of customers as the source of their delivery displeasure.

Failure to deliver can result in negative consequences.

If you promise same-day delivery but are unable to do so, you may lose customers: 45% stated they were dissatisfied with late deliveries. Even one late delivery might cost you up to 17% of your clients in the long run.

Every shipping company has its own charges of shipping goods on the same day.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits and drawbacks of same-day vs. next-day delivery aren’t that different. Traditional delivery, which takes two to five business days, is still faster in both cases. This takes an eternity by today’s standards, especially for customers who are accustomed to the rapid gratification of purchasing in a physical store.

Retailers and logistics organizations can meet the demands of speedier delivery by putting in place an effective system. Next-day delivery provides a bit more freedom, allowing couriers to be more exact in their deliveries to customers.

Same-day delivery, on the other hand, is more efficient. Customers can receive their purchased things in as little as a few hours, which is ideal for fast purchases. However, the service may be more expensive.

While both are rather quick delivery options, the cost is the deciding factor. Many people are willing to wait a day or two for their things if the price is appropriate. Consumers, on the other hand, who require their orders to come as quickly as feasible are willing to pay the price.

The greater the obstacles for the firm, the faster the delivery. To meet their consumers’ immediate needs, they’d need an organized inventory management system in the first place. Along with this, a speedy courier service that delivers on time should be available. Finally, a technologically enhanced approach can enhance the benefits of both services while also resolving all of the drawbacks and cutting costs.

Route optimization and delivery scheduling software are the solutions to your delivery woes. It enables you to offer same-day delivery orders by cutting your operating costs to satisfy client expectations, allowing you to expand your customer base and boost retention.

How can we help you provide same-day delivery?

Our highly-efficient route-planning software can help you offer same-day self-delivery without raising—and possibly even lowering—you’re operating costs. At All Modes Transportation and Logistics, we do this by estimating the most efficient routes for your deliveries, saving you time planning and reducing the number of miles driven by your drivers. Self-delivery will be an alternative for your company thanks to our solution, which:

  • Calculating the most efficient routes for drivers automatically, taking into account delivery windows and vehicle capacity, resulting in less miles travelled and lower gas costs.
  • Routes are sent immediately to drivers’ phones.
  • Providing real-time order tracking so clients know the status of their orders and when their products will arrive.
  • Calculating routes during permissible working hours to save overtime charges
  • Existing routes are being recalculated to accommodate last-minute orders.
  • Deliveries are efficiently balanced among available drivers.
  • The longer you use our system, the more insights we can provide to help you enhance efficiency.

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