The maximum height of an air freight cargo transported on a passenger aircraft is generally limited to 160cm (62 inches). There are also width and length restrictions. These differ depending on the type of aircraft.

What is the maximum size of an air cargo shipping pallet?

The maximum pallet size for air freight is typically 96 inches by 125 inches, but this might vary depending on the airline

What are the different pallet dimensions for air freight?

A Standard-Sized Pallet

The loadable base of a conventional pallet is 304 cm x 210 cm. This pallet is compatible with the A300, A310, A330, A340, 747, and MD-11 aircraft.

10ft Pallet

A 10 ft dimensions 306 x 230 x 240 cm from the inside with a usable volume of 529 Cu.ftand is loadable in MD11, B747-200F, B747-200 SF, B747-400 ERF, B767-300 F, A300 F.

20ft Pallet

A 20-foot pallet is also available, which fits comfortably into 747 and MD-11 aircraft. The base’s usable area is 592 cm x 230 cm.

What is the maximum number of pallets that a 20- and 30-foot high-cube container can hold?

Ten standard pallets and eleven euro pallets can fit into a 20-foot container. Up to 14 standard pallets and 18 euro pallets can fit into a 30ft container. If a 20-foot container is

too small, a 30-foot container is a great alternative.

How many pallets can a 40-foot high-cube container hold?

In the last 20 years, 40-foot high-cube containers have become increasingly common in international logistics, with inside diameters of 12032 mm, 2350 mm, and 2700 mm.

A 40-foot high-cube dry container can hold about 24 Euro Pallets (1200 mm x 800 mm) and 21 Industrial Pallets (1200 mm x 1000 mm).

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), how high can pallets be stacked?

Pallets can be stacked up to 15 feet high, depending on the type of items placed on them. But do not stack things on the pallet on one side only; the weight must be spread uniformly with the heaviest load on the bottom of the pallet.

If you’re stacking different things, keep in mind that identical items of the same size and shape should be stacked together and adjacent to each other.

What are the dimensions of HCU-6/E or the 463L Master Pallet?

The HCU-6/E or 463L Master Pallet is a standardized pallet for military aviation cargo transportation. The dimensions of the 463L pallet are 108 inches by 88 inches by 2 1/4 inches. It has a total load capacity of 10,000 pounds and weighs 337 pounds. The load capacity required is 7,500 pounds.

On a 747, how many 463L pallets can be carried?

The 747-400 can accommodate 30 pallets of cargo on the main level. Pallets measure 96 by 125 inches (2.4 m by 3.2 m) and can be as tall as 120 inches (3.05 m).

What is the maximum height of a passenger aircraft?

The length and width of the package are determined by the type of aircraft employed and the package’s height, and range from 80 to 110 cm wide and up to 300 cm long.

  • Based on the aircraft, short-haul flights have a maximum loading height of 60 to 80 cm and a maximum weight of 80 to 150 kg.
  • Medium-haul flights have a full load height of 110 cm and a maximum unit weight of 250 kg per package.
  • Long-haul aircraft, on the other hand, allows for a maximum height of 160 cm and unit weights of over 1,000 kg.

What is a cargo aircraft’s maximum height?

Depending on the aircraft type, cargo planes can be loaded with heights of up to 300 cm and unit weights of several tonnes. There are doors with widths of nearly 240 cm and package lengths restricted only by the aircraft’s design.

How do you measure the dimensions of a pallet? 

To measure the height of the pallet, measure both the pallet and the shipment from the ground up to the highest point. If there is no overhang, the length and width should be equal to the pallet’s measurements. However, if your goods do dangle over the edge of the pallet, make sure to include it in your measurements by measuring to the product’s outermost point.

What is the maximum height for shipping?

Many states have exceptions to the broad range of trailer height, which is between 13 feet 6 inches and 14 feet.

0Depending on the type of road, some allow for taller freight while others allow for shorter freight. There is no theoretical maximum for width or length, although anything longer than 18.5m and wider than 2.6m is deemed abnormal.

What are the height restrictions for air freight cargo?

Air cargo shipments are always transported on either a passenger or cargo aircraft. Each case requires a different approach to handling. Cargo aircraft are more lenient in terms of what they can transport, whereas PAX is stricter for security reasons as they have many passengers on the same plane as cargo.

Because most goods are palletized, the height is frequently the most crucial detail about their stacking in air freight. In wide-bodied planes like the Boeing 777 or narrow-bodied passenger planes like the A320, shipment height should not exceed 160 cm since the door will not allow any additional size.

The max height for a passenger plane (PAX) is 61 inches (155 cm).

For freighter planes

The max height for freighter planes is a little different.

  • The 737 freighter has a max cargo height of 94.5 inches (240 cm).
  • The maximum cargo height on a 747 freighter is 118.1 inches (300 cm)

How to measure the dimensions of your goods?

You can either ship your units as Unit Load Devices (ULD) as palletized shipments or as loose cargo when shipping via air carriers. The standard dimensions of cargo for air freight are 2.44 x 3.15m. You may use other sizes, but these are the recommended measurements. The maximum height and weight of cargo can be determined only by identifying the cargo plane.

The maximum height of cargo for various airplanes is:

  • 320-114 cm Airbus
  • 727-111 cm Boeing
  • F-300 cm Boeing 747
  • 310–160 cm Airbus

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum height for a freight shipment?

The maximum legal load width and length for freight shipments is 8.5 feet or 102 inches.

How high can pallets of air freight be stacked?

Pallets can be stacked up to 15 feet high so that they don’t slide or collapse.

How high can boxes be stacked in air freight?

Boxes can be stacked up to 16 feet by hand, and if you are using a forklift, the limit is stretched to 20 feet, but in both cases, you must make sure that they are stable and properly tied down.

What is the max weight for cargo in air freight?

The maximum weight for cargo varies with the type and model of airplane. For example, the max weight for the Airbus 320 narrow-body is 350 lbs., or 158 kg. You can check the weight limit for any particular airplane on the internet.

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What are the chargeable weight and freight classes?

Freight forwarders and airlines use the chargeable weight to calculate the shipping fees for goods carried via air carriers. The higher value is used to calculate the cost between the gross weight and volumetric weight. The freight class determines the price per kilogram.

In air cargo, there are three freight classes: minimum (M), normal (N), and quantity (Q) (Q). Freight class is determined by many elements, including ease of handling, value, length, weight, density, height, and liability.

What is the purpose of the freight class?

The main purpose of the freight class is to provide a standard comparison between freight identification and the classification of goods.

What are the differences between shipping items on pallets versus shipping them in containers?

Pallets are opened, and their space is not limited, whereas containers are packed and have a fixed volume available for transporting goods. Both pallets and containers need to be handled carefully, but in the case of pallets, due to their smaller size, the handling equipment can also be smaller, whereas for containers, huge cranes are needed to move containers, and this requires much time.

Pallets can be put in many shapes and sizes and give more flexibility, plus they are easier to set up, thus saving time in shipping.

But continents are more recommended when sending sensitive material as they can be locked and have temperature control systems installed in them.

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